Jul 10, 2015

The 31 Day Drawing Challenge - Day 9: Drag Racing Dragons in Drag

I remember the last time I did this 31 Day Drawing Challenge seriously. I was unemployed at the time and had the whole day to do each challenge. God! I miss being unemployed... not really. But it DOES mean that the time I can give to these challenges is severely limited. But I shall persevere!

So the thing I mentioned yesterday that I don't much like drawing is Dragons. I know, it's weird that a fantasy artist doesn't like drawing Dragons. I've drawn a few over the years, I've even been paid to draw a bunch of them. But I don't think I've ever fully gotten a hold of how to draw them. So guess what won't be appearing in any The Circle stories anytime soon...

Back tomorrow with a picture that promises to be a window into my innermost desires and dreams...

And here's all of today's entries.

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