Jul 29, 2015

The 31 Day Drawing Challenge - Day 29: Master Copy

This is the third post today! My head is spinning, but I have finally caught up with the challenge after a couple of burnt out days. And I went with something different for a change this time...
I would usually copy an illustration by an artist I admire for this particular topic (we do this one every year), but I thought, instead, that I might take the signatures and symbols of some of my most favourite creators and make them into an object that I have seriously been considering getting tattooed on me for several years now.
I have never gotten a tattoo, and I'm still not convinced I'll get this one done, however cool I think it will look... we shall see.

So what are all of those symbols on the design?
Well, they are as follows-

1) The red asterisk symbol on the top is part of my favourite artist Rien Poortvliet's signature.
2) The black symbol in the middle is the easy one, that's my favourite writer, J. R. R. Tolkien.
3) The black signature to the left is by the great Arthur Rackham, one of my favourite Faerie illustrators.
4) The black symbol on the right is part of my favourite fantasy artist Frank Frazetta's signature.
5) And finally, the stylised red omega symbol at the back is the logo for my favourite comic artist and good friend Bart Sears' company, Ominous Press.

Anyway. There are only two more days of this challenge to go! I'm now back on track and ready to finish off with a bang!

And go look at what the rest of the gang did for today's topic.

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