Jul 23, 2015

The 31 Day Drawing Challenge - Day 23: A Couple

God I miss working on The Circle!
In my head, all six of those characters are fully developed and they are off having adventures around my mind as I write this very sentence. But to the outside world, there is very little to go on for them yet. So while I love these characters and stories dearly, I know that I am completely alone in this feeling, for the moment anyway.

So today's challenge is to draw a couple...
I went with Alanna and Strongbow. They're not a couple. They actually pretty poisonously hate each other actually. So I kinda went my own way with this particular topic.

Tomorrow's topic is a nightmare I've been dreading all week! So that should be fun to see how that turns out...

And here's all of the Couple entries, all conveniently in the one place!

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