Jul 23, 2015

The 31 Day Drawing Challenge - Day 22: Autumn

I had planned to do an accompanying piece to the Winter illustration I did for the 2012 31 Day Drawing Challenge. I printed off the fancy frame to a fresh piece of Bristol Board and worked away on it for a while. But it got ugly real quick and then proceeded to get beaten into an even uglier pulp. So to the bin it went, to remain...
And then I whipped up this crazy quick headshot and put huge amounts of filters on it in Photoshop.
It sucks. I'm not happy with my output for this piece or really the whole challenge. But you have to push on through the pain, and in my case too often this time around - mediocrity, and just keep moving in the direction of the finish line.

This is some challenge. I've never had so much enjoyment and personal disillusionment at the same time in my artistic life!
But who knows, tomorrow is another day and it might end up being a winner...

Here's the rest of the challenges participants' entries for Autumn.

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