Jul 13, 2015

The 31 Day Drawing Challenge - Day 13: 4 Versions of the Same Thing

In an attempt to get myself out of the rut I currently find myself in, I thought for today's challenge I might go back to an old practice of mine to hopefully shake off some of the dark clouds hovering above me...

I've drawn Willow many, many times. I've come close to capturing how I envision him on a few occasions, but I still don't think I've ever completely gotten him right.

The pursuit continues...

Anyways, tomorrow's topic is a special occasion. Gord and I will be hosting a Google Hangout for about an hour or so, where we'll be talking about art and getting people to join us!

Here's the deets:

If you're on Google+, you can view it here - https://plus.google.com/events/c6ng1ifm6je1pat1csjipsp6ol0

And you can watch it live on YouTube:

See you there!

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