Jul 11, 2015

The 31 Day Drawing Challenge - Day 10: Fetish

Confession time... I have this really strong fetish for rubber and plastic.
I love how reflected lights dances across it in the shape of the human figure. The smell, the way if fills my lungs and brings me back to days of great pleasure in the past. The way it feels as you place it in an aesthetically pleasing way.

But I should probably clarify that with my plastic and rubber fetish, it must take the form of this sort of thing...

That's right, I have a kink for He-Man toys. And redheads. I love redheads. So Teela is pretty much my ideal woman.

Anyway, back tomorrow with some breathtaking scenery, and don't forget to check out all of today's entries. And who doesn't want to read about the weird and kinky desires of other people!?!

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