Jul 21, 2015

Dragon Warriors

Have I ever mentioned my old pal Kieran Turley here before? I think I might have once or twice.
To recap/fill you in, I met Kieran back in 2002 when I was working at a gaming store called Gamers' Realm. It specialised in tabletop RPG's like Dungeons & Dragons and card games such as Magic: The Gathering. Kieran was a regular at the store and we formed a friendship pretty quickly.
Kieran is a hardcore gamer, by the way. Like proper serious into it. He plays a lot.
But Kieran takes it one step further and is actively involved in the industry. He's been creating games for a long time and has been a presence in the industry for many years now. Go check out his bio right here.

Anywho, Kieran came to me last year to ask me if I wanted to do some illustrations for a book he was currently working on for Serpent King Games. There was a huge amount of illustration work to be done, so we decided that we would spread the illustrations that needed to be done over a group of artists. I put forward the names of art buddies Gerard Coady, Donal Fallon, Patrick Gavin and, of course, one Gordon Mackay.

We all got the approval to go ahead and we all started systematically working through all of the illustrations over the summer of 2014. 'Twas fierce great times, I tell ya.

And now the book is out! I can't speak for the lads (perhaps for the best), but I can say that I am rather exceedingly excited to see the book. This is what it looks like -
It looks great! The cover is by a fellow called John Hodgson. He does great work!

Anyway, you can see all of the purchasing details over here. If you click on the Full-size Preview below the cover image, you'll get a glimpse into what the book looks like inside, including a full-page illustration by me on page 6! Yippeeee!

And since the book has been released and all of the artwork 'spoiled,' as it is called in the biz, I can finally put it up here! So here's some of the artwork I produced for the Dragon Warriors Players Guide! Double Yippeeee!

I hold this project ruddy close to my heart, I must say. It was a blast to do and I had my pals around me getting in on the action. It gets me all warm and fuzzy just thinking about it.

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