Jun 1, 2015

razzum frazzum

Guess what happened!?! My blasted PC broke!

That means I don't have Illustrator, Photoshop, Audio editing programs... heck, I don't even have something to hook my scanner up to.
It sucks. Hard.

So while work on the Strongbow story has been continuing nicely, it all just exists as pictures and words on paper for the moment. But I'll be getting the computer fixed in the coming week if all goes well, and then Strongbow will be making his debut as soon as is humanly possible. But in the meantime, here are some good old fashioned photographs of some of the illustrations that will be appearing in the story.
A scary monster. Nothing more to say here...
I like Ogres. There'll be more than just a few
 in the continuing adventures of The Circle.
Waller the Gruff makes no more than a passing mention
 in the current story I'm working on. But he might
make a more fleshy return in the future, or is that the past?
This guy is much more than just your average Barman!
(no offense to average Barmen intended.)
Ain't she perty?
I hope so. She's meant to look perty.
Our Strongbow sure does like a drink...
Talk to you soon!

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