Jun 29, 2015

The Circle Line-up

I thought it was high time that I formally introduced you to all of the members of my strange gathering of beings that make up The Circle. Say hi everyone!

Here's a little bit of hopefully excruciatingly tantalising information about each of them-

Longbeard was once a great and powerful Wizard who ruled over a great stretch of the Realms of Faerie with pride, coldness and oppression. He is no longer that Wizard. Not even close. He wishes he was though, desperately. He'll do a lot of things to retain that status. A LOT! He's not a very nice person.

Mystery is what Alanna is all about. Mystery, secrecy and destiny. She tries to run from a life she has no chance of ever escaping. And though her path will lead her on her own circle, returning her to where she began, it is that journey that will make her truly whole. Also, she's bloody good with knives in combat.

Wildling is the runt of a litter of Werewolves. Lost in a land where monsters freely roam and hunters stalk for prey just like him, survival is Wildling's only goal. And that sometimes doesn't seem very important either. But though he may be the runt of his litter, he is exceedingly dangerous in his pure beast form.

A real walking and talking nature spirit. Dryad is the beauty of the forest personified. And with that, she has the power of nature to utilise when needed. She can call the very trees and animals to action, and her ability to heal things is a very valuable skill for a group such as this.

Strongbow is exactly the type of person that parents don't want their daughter to ever get involved with. Never ever ever! He is crude, brazen, stubborn, prone to fighting, probably an alcoholic and definitely sexist. But the thing is, women adore him, all the same. He's an expert with a bow, and can seduce a woman with a wink.

Hedgewitch is a nature witch, specialising in herb lore and physically violent spells. She creates an array of hex bags infused with power words resulting in various effects, usually explosive in one way or another. She has a familiar and lives in a cabin deep in a forest. She's not fond of people. Especially men.

As it stands, I should have Strongbow's first story completed in the next week. Then I will be taking most of July off to concentrate on the Galway Pub Scrawl 31 Day Drawing Challenge. I've missed it the last couple of years and I really want to give it a red hot go this time. Then In August, Wildling will be making his debut, followed by Hedgewitch and then, lastly, Longbeard. Then it will be back to the start with another Alanna story and so on later in the year.

You'll be here for it all, won't you?

Jun 26, 2015

The River Watcher

I've never been one for poetry, nor short prose either. Actually, let me rephrase that... I've never really gone out of my way to read poetry or short prose.
But I do like to write the odd little poem or very short story. Sometimes I have an idea for a story that really doesn't need to be more than a once off little yarn. So instead of trying to make something out of an idea not best suited to elaboration, I just leave the story as a short thing.
Like this one, for instance!
I'd recommend right-clicking and opening it in a new tab so that you can read it better...
I would really like to do more of these sorts of things. They're enjoyable and have a quick turnaround, and they act as a nice little distraction from all things The Circle. So don't be surprised if you see more things like this in the future. I'm calling them 'Realms of Faerie Tales.'

Jun 1, 2015

razzum frazzum

Guess what happened!?! My blasted PC broke!

That means I don't have Illustrator, Photoshop, Audio editing programs... heck, I don't even have something to hook my scanner up to.
It sucks. Hard.

So while work on the Strongbow story has been continuing nicely, it all just exists as pictures and words on paper for the moment. But I'll be getting the computer fixed in the coming week if all goes well, and then Strongbow will be making his debut as soon as is humanly possible. But in the meantime, here are some good old fashioned photographs of some of the illustrations that will be appearing in the story.
A scary monster. Nothing more to say here...
I like Ogres. There'll be more than just a few
 in the continuing adventures of The Circle.
Waller the Gruff makes no more than a passing mention
 in the current story I'm working on. But he might
make a more fleshy return in the future, or is that the past?
This guy is much more than just your average Barman!
(no offense to average Barmen intended.)
Ain't she perty?
I hope so. She's meant to look perty.
Our Strongbow sure does like a drink...
Talk to you soon!