May 6, 2015

Dryad: A Dream of Awakening page 2

Well, I'm back again with page 2 of Dryad's first solo story, A Dream of Awakening. Here it be...
So I promised yesterday that I'd reveal a little bit more information about this unusual character called Dryad. Well I'm all about keeping promises...

Dryad is a creature of the wild places. While technically she is a female, she and all of her kind (all of which are female too) cannot reproduce. But she and her sisters are mothers to the forests of the Realms of Faerie.

A Dryad is intrinsically tied to her own wood. To permanently separate one from the other is to be the death of both. Even long periods apart will cause great illness to each of them. 

Dryads are magical beings. They age little and live for longer than any but their creator knows. They are made of magic, and have some magical abilities, though these vary from Dryad to Dryad.

And that is all I dare reveal at this time!
Back again tomorrow with page 3.

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