Apr 30, 2015

Back on the Networking Trail

I think Kevin Costner was wrong. I don't believe for a second that 'if you build it, they will come.'

It'd be lovely if that were true though. That way I could just concentrate on producing lots of The Circle content and not have to concern myself with stuff like Twitter, hit counts, cross-media spread and all of that other stuff that eats up waaaay more time than it should.
But the reality is that if you don't do that stuff, if you're a creative person trying to find an audience, you'll most likely get left behind. And I'll be gosh darned if I'm going to let that happen!

So I'm back out there again, trying to be a presence on the interweb and attempting to build my audience. Not that I ever disappeared, mind you, but I will be amping up my output. I'm even reading a book about making social networking work for you. I'm learning some very important lessons about this thorny beast of an issue. Mostly it's about what I don't want to do!

The book I'm reading, which I won't name (because I'm about to lay into it!), suggests doing at least 20 tweets a day and maybe half of that on Facebook. It says that maintaining a high presence in this way is bound to bring you followers. Well, most likely that is true, but I'm a firm and unflinching believer in the idea of quality over quantity in both content produced (tweets and posts) and the type of folks I'm trying to attract.
I mean, sure, I could go on posting blitz and commit to Twitter every random thought I have, but seriously, what the heck is the point of that? Sure, they'd no doubt be hilarious, but they would be entirely frivolous and meaningless for the most part. And what sort of an audience would that attract? To be honest, not the sorts of folks I think I want!

So, yes, I'm going to be making more posts on social media like Twitter and Facebook, and here too. But I am always going to strive for a level of quality with my contributions. I'm not just going to post something for the sake of posting, it will have substance and relevance.

So here's where you can find me on various places. Come and say hello, won't you?

Me on Twitter
Me on Facebook
Me on Google+
Me on YouTube

I'll be back tomorrow with some news on a few fronts.
Later Alligator.

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