Mar 29, 2015

Remember me?

jeeez, I'm bad at this blogging thing this year...

I'll not go into some big long paragraph about best intentions and all of that. I've just been busy, okay?

Busy with important things, though. The first of the 'Tales From Outside The Circle' short stories is mere days (possibly even hours!) away from being released on this blog, and I have a whole swag of stories written that just need art put to the words too. I'm really excited about these stories, especially the ones involving the characters from The Circle.

My aim is to have a story revolving around each of the six main characters of The Circle, a sort of 'Origin Story' as it were, done by the end of the year. Put together, these 'Tales From Outside The Circle' (a title of which will make sense in time, I promise) should run to about 40-odd pages. It is then my desire to look at getting these pages, with some cool extra content like character biographies and maybe even a pin-up or two, printed in all of their glory. But all of these stories will be released digitally for free on this blog or somewhere even prettier first, I promise.

This project is exactly what I have been working toward for the last couple of years. This is the beginning of my Magnum Opus, and I'm loving every minute of doing it. So what if it is taking longer than I had hoped it would. I've decided to make these stories and the art the very best I can make them. And that takes time. But as I mentioned on the podcast recently, I've been putting all of the parts together for this machine, and now that it is up and running, things will go a lot smoother from here on out.

I have plans for this story of mine. Nothing crazy, mind you, but I have plans in the works. I'm weighing up whether I need a website (which I probably do...), there's cool merchandising options to look into, and there's also the notion of selling this stuff to folks. If I were to make a print run of the collected stories, I'd have to look at venues to sell them at, so conventions and all that they entail will possibly come into the mix too.

But I'm not getting ahead of myself. I'm still just happily writing and drawing away. There's plans formulating in my head, but it's all about creating quality content at this point.

So why don't you pop on back here in a couple of days and check out the first little introduction to my Realms of Faerie world?

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