Dec 7, 2014

While you're waiting...

I know, I know.
It has been quiet here for the last week or so. The bookshop is proving to be an exhausting and unwieldy beast at the moment (something to do with a fat home invader in crimson), so I don't really have anything new to show, unfortunately. But I do have a few things in the works, including that blasted Slaine picture, some more bookmarks and a few other odds and sods. They'll be appearing here as soon as I can get a spare couple of hours for my own art (a couple of fresh quick drawing jobs have popped up recently too).
So as I have nothing artistic to show at the moment, now is as good a time as any to show off some pictures of my dog, Louie.

And here's a video of him brushing his own teeth:

Back soon!


Boric G said...

In my experience, the only thing worse than being a bookseller at this time of year is working in a toy store.
I shudder at the memories.

Jay Penn said...

yeah, the wife has done that in the past. She may still be recovering, years later.