Dec 23, 2014

Bookmarks Mark II (see what I did there?)

Okay, it's the 23rd of December. That means I've finished up at the bookshop for Christmas and the bookmarks I made for my fellow staff members have all been handed out. So now I can show them all off here! Glorious day, hey?
For those of you that have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about... yeah, that's probably everybody actually... I started a tradition at the bookshop last Christmas where I give out a bookmark to each staff member for Christmas. Last year, I made a printed bookmark of my Goblins piece for everybody. But this year, I went a little nuts and made a one of a kind original bookmark for everybody instead.

Here they be!
I found these little bookmarks rather enjoyable to produce, I must say. I would usually start off with a head at the bottom for the vertical ones or to the left on the horizontals. Once I had that first one in, I would start blocking in the other objects to get the feel for the whole thing. Once I had everything roughly worked out, it was simply a case of inking the individual creatures and then adding the white touches. The inking was done with the fantastic Tombow brush pens my buddy Bart Sears put me on to, and the whites are done with varying degrees of diluted white gouache.
I previewed a couple of these bookmarks on Facebook last week and they seemed to get a pretty lively response. So I'm going to keep making them. I have a few people down for the next batch, but then I'm going to start selling them in my Etsy store. I'm also going to do some larger pieces in this vein. One of my art pals, Ruth Campion, is going to do an art swapsy for an A4ish piece in this style while I get a piece she is going to do for me! Very much looking forward to seeing what she comes up with.

So anyways, I hope everybody out there has a really great Christmas, spent with loved ones in good cheer.
Talk to you soon.

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