Nov 4, 2014

The Other of One

Folks might recall me mentioning a book by the name of The Other of One by local Galway author, Brian G. Burke. I initially produced a couple of black & white interior illustrations for Brian, and then he asked me if I wanted to re-do the existing cover for Book One. Obviously, I jumped at the chance, and this is the result:

This piece was produced with watercolours, with some white gouache in spots for good measure. It took bloody ages to do, but I'm happy with the result. For me, a successful picture, in many cases, is when there are under five areas that I think suck. I count three such areas in this piece, so it passes the grade.

The problem is, it was all for naught.
The artwork I produced unfortunately won't be used for the printed book. The company that Brian is using sent him a message last week saying that the cover may come out blurry in the printing process, even though we met their minimum image quality requirements. They sent him out a sample copy and the cover is, indeed, blurry. Too blurry to use. So Brian, quite rightly, is retaining the initial cover artwork for the book and will not use this cover.
There are, of course, no bad feelings here. Brian did what he had to do and this sort of thing happens all of the time. Heck, it's not the first time it has happened to me! Sometimes these things just don't work out. It's part of the job of a freelance artist.
Book 2 will still have the black and white illustrations I produced for Brian, and who knows, we may work together on other things in the future.
I've mentioned this project in the podcast recently, in case you wanted to hear a little more about it. Episode 4 will have some discussion of this subject too.

Before I go, here's another The Circle character resplendent with a fresh coat of paint:

Dennae. She's got a big secret...
I'll be back soon with Slaine. Maybe another He-Man. Possibly The Circle. Or, you know, all three!

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