Nov 19, 2014

An afternoon with Eva Widermann... and Patrick.

On Saturday the 15th, I had the great fortune to attend a talk given by the great Eva Widermann on the subject of Concept Design for the Film & Gaming Industry.
It was part of a bunch of events geared toward younger humans than myself, but my good mate Patrick Gavin and I decided to go anyways, as we kinda know Eva already and we have an interest in the subject. In fact, we Galway based artists have been trying to get Eva up here to do a talk just like this for years now, so there was no way I was going to pass up the opportunity.
The thinking Patrick
I tried to record some audio from the event, but the room was pretty big and sparse, so the recording ended up being quite echoe-y and barely anything could be made out. Which is a pity, because Eva gave some awesome advice throughout the talk. (I talk about this event in episode 5 of the Gord & Jay Talk Art Podcast)

Eva also gave us a little exercise to do, involving some random outline shapes on a page that we had to make objects out of-
The class was SO intense that this poor lass got a nose bleed half way through it! But don't worry about her, she draws great and will definitely go places.

And this poor girl got some marker on her face! But, yeah, she'll do big things too.
Here are my fairly unimaginative exercise results
After the class, Eva, Patrick and I met up with Galway Pub Scrawl chieftan, Donal Fallon for a cup of tea and a bite to eat. We were joined by new Galway resident and fellow artist Anna too. 'Twas a great time had by all...
...despite Donal's look of contempt. That was just directed at me, not the general vibe.
Oh, and I got to add Eva's business card to my folder. It's flipping cool!
Yummy transparency
A big thanks and sincere shout-out goes to the artist that is Eva Widermann. Thanks for a great day and some fun chats!
Go check out her website, won't you all? Yes, yes, you will...

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