Oct 29, 2014

...now with A3 scanning facilities...

YAAAYYYY! It's been a long time coming, but I now have my very own A3 scanner.
And it only came about, oh,  43 hours after I reeeaaallllly needed it.

But that's okay, because I now have an A3 scanner! So the first thing I scanned was the life drawing study I did a few weeks ago. It was the big, long session I mentioned in episode 3 of the Gord & Jay Talk Art Podcast (an entirely warranted and necessary plug, I'll have you know!)

Anyway, here it is-

The picture isn't finished yet, I'm going to try and get back to it in the next week or so. The model's name is Karen. She was pretty amazing. It looks as though that pose would be easy enough to hold. But ask any life model and they will tell you that there really is no such thing as an easy pose, especially one you have to hold for FIVE WHOPPING HOURS!
So, anyway, the piece was made in watercolours, with that trusty white gouache I love to use for flesh tones.

Before I forget, I want to extend a welcoming hand to my newest follower, jorisburla from Zurich. Please feel free to make yourself at home!

Back soon!

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