Sep 2, 2014

World Art Drop Day

I know, I know... I was supposed to be writing about Podcasting in this post, but that is simply going to have to wait until the next post!
Because today, I want to talk about a fun 24 hours I've just had.
It all began, as so many cool things do, at the Galway Pub Scrawl. Our fearless leader, Donal Fallon, mentioned on Facebook yesterday that today is World Art Drop Day. WADD is this nifty event where folks create a piece of artwork and leave it somewhere for somebody to find and keep for free. People can simply stumble upon artwork, not knowing anything about WADD, and get some free artwork. Artists can also initiate a sort of treasure hunt by giving clues and images as to the artwork's whereabouts.
It really is a fun event; where generosity, goodwill and sharing are the order of the day.
So I drew up a couple of quick pieces at last night's Galway Pub Scrawl.

And then this morning, before work, I planted the pieces around Galway-
Each picture came with a little official WADD note with a brief explanation and where I can be contacted. I also included a business card and put all of the contents in a sealed plastic card sleeve so that the elements didn't get to the artwork.

I left the first piece on a sculpture of Oscar Wilde, the second was on the windowsill of Charlie Byrne's bookshop. And then I went off to work.
I can tell you, the idea of somebody 'discovering' the artwork was a really fun feeling. I had to wait several hours before I could go see if the art had been taken. I posted on Twitter all of the details and a clue to the location of each piece, and waited...
When my lunch break finally came, I dashed about Galway, only to discover that the artwork had, indeed, been taken.
Now, of course, somebody might have just picked the package up and threw it in the bin. Maybe somebody scrunched them up and kicked them along the road for a while, until they were rolled over and finally destroyed by a bus. Sure, things like that could very well have happened! But I like to think that some lovely person was simply minding their own business, spotted one of the drawings, picked it up, turned it over, read all about WADD and the finding of the artwork really made their day. That's what I hope happened. Maybe the people that found the packages will get in contact with me, maybe they won't. It's cool either way. I really didn't do this to gain a fan, it's all about the random act of sharing that attracted me in the first place.
So here I sit, writing this post, keeping an eye out for that magical little indicator number that tells me I have a new email. Could it be...?

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