Sep 6, 2014


Okay... Podcasting.
I mentioned briefly a couple of posts ago that my old buddy, Gordon Mackay and I are in the planning stages of doing an art podcast together.
Well, I can happily say that things are moving along quite nicely with it.

It will be some time in the next couple of weeks that Gordon and I get to sit down and actually record our first podcast. That first one will really just be a bit of an introduction episode, for listeners to learn a little about us, what we do as artists and where we plan on going with the podcast.

We still have some kinks to work out and some technical things to overcome/learn, but the biggest thing I am finding trouble with is what we should call the podcast!?! I'm usually pretty good at coming up with names for things, but I'm encountering some serious name-creating block at the moment.
That said, here are some of the names I have come up with so far-

The Artistrators
Gord & Jay talk art
Gord & Jay make an Art Podcast
The Angry Giant Podcast
The Fantastasists (or, alternately, The Fantasists)
The Artist Path

I guess any of those would be sufficient, but we're also happy to hear anybody's ideas for names too. So leave a comment if you can think of something better!

We'll be coming up with a logo for the Podcast, whatever its name ends up being, before the podcast is launched.

I'd like to apply some small musical elements to the podcast as well, mostly for intro's, outro's and breaks. I had lined up my brother, Ryan, to produce some guitar pieces especially for us, but he unfortunately doesn't have the recording apparatus or the time. A shame, that. So I guess we'll just have to use some open license stuff, unless anybody reading this would like to contribute music?

The podcast will get its very own blog to post show notes and various affiliated items onto, and once I work out how to do it, the podcast will be available free on iTunes, naturally.

So I'm hoping to have everything up and going, including the first podcast recorded, edited and released, in the first couple of weeks of October.
I'll bring more news on this closer to the launch though.

And I'll be back here in a couple of days with a post about Life Drawing.
See you then.

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