Aug 3, 2014

The Other of One

Here's something I've been working on lately-
There's a book that was written by a fellow resident of Galway, Ireland named Brian Burke called The Other of One. It's a fantasy novel in the vein of the Narnia books and The Hobbit and is getting some great reviews.
Not my cover, I must stress!
Brian contacted me a while ago and commissioned me to produce three black & white interior illustrations for it (I'll reveal them when the book comes out soon).
Brian has since gone on to commission me to redo the cover for book 1 and possible book 2, as well as some other promotional stuff.
I'm having a lot of fun doing the work for him and it will be awesome to see the book in print with my cover (still in the works) on it.
Here's a sketch I made of one of the characters. I was going for a sort of How to Train Your Dragon vibe with it, obviously.

I will share more from this project as I get approval to do so.

Ciao for now.

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Anonymous said...

Great working with you, Jay. Fantastic job so far. Looking forward to working together on my next few projects!