Aug 21, 2014

My Etsy store

I've taken the giant, yet incredibly simple, leap of opening up my own Etsy store. You can find it right here. It is, of course, called RealmsofFaerie.

The main reason I set up an Etsy store is so that I can have a place, aside from this blog and my gallery, where the purpose is to sell artwork.
To be honest, I was never comfortable trying to sell stuff here, as this blog is more about the process of art and the things I like (and often dislike) about it. But when it came to putting a price tag on things, I felt it sorta betrayed the whole reason for doing this blog.
But with the Etsy store, that is not a problem, that's its sole purpose. So why don't you pop on over and take a look-see at my wares. They'll be added to as frequently as I am able with sketches, sculptures, paintings, drawings and whatever else I can cook up.

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Ed Campbell said...

Congratulations! We should always more than welcome that kind of development, indeed. I'm look forward to gaining more access to your library of work. Etsy is a good way for you to aid it by getting it under the crosshairs of buyers, with purchase mechanisms in tow. Wishing you all the best of luck on that one!

Ed Campbell @ Champion Online Marketing