Aug 15, 2014

A Starting Point

So I mentioned recently that I'm embarking on a change in media from black and white inked work to full colour paintings. I stated that I am going to be essentially beginning from scratch in this regard.
But before I start down this road, I thought it might be a good idea to put a marker in the ground at the start point, a sort of skill-level indicator that I can look back at to see how far along I have come.

So this painting below was produced using all of the current skill and knowledge I could muster.
It's a roughly 90 minute acrylic portrait from my Wednesday night life drawing class, the model's name is Ivan.I would still consider this piece unfinished. It would probably need another couple of hours to clean it up and tighten areas. But for the purpose of this exercise, it's clear enough.

It's not an awful painting, but by no means is it any good. But I'm okay with that. More than okay, actually. It shows me how much I have to learn and what I have to do to get further along the path. And my feet are very itchy...

Back soon with more! Maybe even some actual fantasy or faerie related artwork...

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