Jun 22, 2014

When Urban Sketching & 30-Day Drawing Challenges collide!

I know, I know. I've barely done any of the 30-Day Drawing Challenges so far. It's not for a lack of trying, nor desiring. It is, as seemingly usual, very busy times here and there are plenty of things already jostling for attention on the drawing board. So, though I had hoped to do more, and would dearly love to finish the challenge strongly, I fear I will only get a couple more done before the month, and the challenge, is up.
But I do encourage you to go check out what the other folks are doing for the challenge, there is some spectacular stuff being produced.

Saying all of that, today's challenge was one I did not want to miss, as it tied rather nicely into another fantastic Urban Sketchers Galway outing! Here's some snappy-snaps:
I counted 19 of us at one point.
What most of us were looking at.
A fantastic array of styles and approaches were on show.
A Jackdaw scrutinised us from above.
I got to use my fancy new drawing chair/backpack combo, which worked fantastically and is definitely going to be my mode of set-up going forward. It's always good when you find a new piece of kit that makes everything that little bit easier to handle. This piece does exactly that.

As for my artistic effort for the day...

...I'm not happy with it at all. I rarely am happy with any artwork I produce, but I tend to see that as a good thing. The day I am artistically content is the day I stop being an artist.
But this piece is really bugging me. I was at it for hours, but it still feels unfinished and patchy. But most of all, I'm unimpressed with how I went about applying colour. I think the actual colour matching is fine, it's the opacity that is letting me down. I think the tree is okay, it's strong and has shape and solidity, but the building are washy and too transparent. What I need to do is concentrate on the consistency of the mixtures more closely, so that these dreaded 'ghost buildings,' as I am going to coin them, don't appear again.
So, yeah, I don't like this piece, but I think it is an important one. Sometimes it's the weak ones you learn more from. I feel that is the case here.

I'll be back soon with more drawings and some awesome new Alan Lee and Brian Froud stuff I've recently picked up.

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