Jun 26, 2014

Brian Froud & Alan Lee

I can still vividly recall the feeling I had when I read Brian Froud and Alan Lee's book, Faeries, for the very first time, something like 20 years ago. That book, as I paged through it, filled me with such a feeling of mystery and beauty, and a real sense that this sort of thing was what I wanted, above all, to do with my own artistic career.
Even today, after reading it countless times and staring at the images for what must accumulate to weeks and weeks non-stop, I still feel that raw energy within those pages. It is a powerful book for me in many ways.
And, being the obsessive collector of things I love that I am, I have multiple editions of not only that book (reading copy, first edition, anniversary edition, etc.), but everything else by Froud and Lee that I have been able to find. Sometimes this has been difficult (Mr. Lee's The Golden Book of the Mysterious) and sometimes expensive (Mr. Froud's The Land of Froud, totally worth every cent!), but there have been some truly wonderful discoveries over the years and fond memories have been made in the hunt.

And the hunt continues! This very year has seen fresh publications by both creators.
Here are a couple of new ones:

After flipping a coin, Mr. Froud gets to go first:
I discovered this magazine while looking into what Brian had coming out in the future. Naturally, I'm rather excited to see Brian and Wendy's Faeries' Tales, out in September, and have been gobbling up any little bit of information they have been releasing to the public through their wonderful blog and various social media outlets.
Looking forward to the new book, so much, am I, that I bought a copy of the above magazine, even if the article about Brian and Wendy is only a couple of pages long. But that's what a serious fan does, they snap anything and everything up. It is a neat little article though and it's always great to add something new to the collection.

Where the Froud article is short, the Lee one is a monster, found in this publication:

Illustrators has been around for a little while now, and I've managed to pick up a few issues of this fantastic magazine so far. When I saw that Alan Lee was going to feature in issue 7, I started saving up every coin I could for it.
And I wasn't to be let down.
Firstly, the print quality is unbelievably good. The text is crisp, it is all laid out nicely, and the images, of which there are many, are incredibly clear and detailed. And the best thing is, the Alan Lee article goes for a whopping 48 pages! Basically half of the magazine is dedicated to him.
I cannot recommend this magazine enough to any Alan Lee fan, it's pretty special.

So there you have it, a brief look at a couple of new acquisitions. I should be back very soon with some new art of my own (the horror!).
See you then.

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