Jun 8, 2014

30-Day Drawing Challenge '14 - Day 8

Well, I'm back again with another entry into the 30-Day Drawing Challenge. It's been a heck of a week and this whole month of June is going to be crazy busy, with all sorts of artistic adventures to be had. Personally, I can't wait to do some Urban Sketching, Pub Scrawling, Dr. Sketching and Life Drawing. And that's on top of the jobs I have on the go and the 30-Day Drawing Challenge!

Anyway, today's challenge is to 'make at least one 3-panel comic of your day.' Here's what I came up with:
Yeah, I started playing Skyrim again... I know, I know. I have too much work to do to be fooling around on a game for hours. I am aware. It's a momentary lapse, I promise! It's been at least 6 months since I've played Skyrim, but I always felt as though I was just about to pick it up again, but I managed to somehow resist. But I'll be back on track with the work tomorrow... probably...

Before I forget again, here's a nifty little article that appeared in one of the local papers on Thursday to promote the Urban Sketchers talk that night.
Between this and the ImagineFX article from a few weeks ago, Donal and I can barely walk down the street without being mobbed by imaginary groupies.

Oh, and while I'm at it, here's a little interwebular post from the company that myself and a bunch of my close art buddies were doing work for over the last couple of months. You can see in the update of it that one of Gord's and one of my pieces for the project are on display. So if it's on display there...
...it can be shown here! I'll keep you, my dear, dear, readers, in the loop with any further announcements for this project. I really can't wait to see the final product. A huge thanks goes to Kieran Turley for setting this gig up, I hope we gave you what you were looking for!

Alright, gotta go, Skyrim is calling again...

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