Jun 10, 2014

30-Day Drawing Challenge '14 - Day 9

Today was a weird one. The bookstore was pretty busy for a Monday, which is good, it makes the day go quicker. But, goodness me, the rude folks did seem to congregate in my section for the duration. I'll never quite understand how the people that go for the spiritual books, the self-help guides and such, tend to be the most rude and messy. I mean, surely they should be the nice and tidy ones, shouldn't they?

Anywho, today's 30-Day Drawing Challenge topic is 'Manic Monkey.' So, keeping the literary theme going...

I'm going to try and do as many challenges as I can this week, but we'll see how it goes.

Oooooh, also, good buddy Katie Creaven just did a post about li'l old me over at her blog. Go check it out! Did I mention she's been in Game of Thrones? Yeah, she's been in Game of Thrones. And not just any Game of Thrones episode, the Red Wedding Game of Thrones episode! Yep.

Back soon.

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