Jun 2, 2014

30-Day Drawing Challenge '14 - Day 1

Oh god, IT'S HERE!
The 30-Day Drawing Challenge has returned for another year and as with previous years, despite the piles of work I already have to do, I've signed up for it... why do I do it?!?!
Well, maybe because it is a whole lot of fun and it usually attracts more folks to this little blog o' mine. So, yeah, it has its benefits.

I mentioned in the last post how I am really enjoying the sense of community with all of the artists in Galway and online. I've heard it said that the Fantasy Art community is especially welcoming, helpful and loyal. I have found this to be exactly the case.

It is through challenges like this 30-Day one that artists can get themselves out of that thick-skinned bubble that we usually reside inside. We can learn from each other, interact, inspire and, most importantly, have fun while doing it.
In this regard, our fearless Galway art group leader, Donal Fallon, must be commended for bringing us all together. Without him, I would probably never have met half of my close friends and my artwork would be nowhere near as progressed.

So my hat is tipped in your general direction, Donal.

Jeepers, I can be mushy sometimes... now where was I?
Oh yeah, the 30-Day Drawing Challenge. Today's challenge is to draw a Portrait of a Family Member. In another moment of mushiness, I suggested to our gang recently that I considered them an extension of my family in many ways, and that maybe we could draw each other for this first challenge. So that's just what we did!

We all met at Donal and Yolande's place on Sunday evening, where much consumption of delectable delights was done, scintillating conversation was had, and delightful drawings were... drawn.
The gang (minus Jenny who left early,
 and Donal who was playing some weird computer game)

Katie & Mez getting it done

Mez drawing so fast that her hand is a mere blur

Patrick getting a head start on a future challenge.
I call foul, sir!

Ger using a modern technological device
for a purpose only he knows

Here is my portrait of old Pub Scrawl buddy, Jenny Magaharan.
Great seeing you again Jenny

'Twas a great evening and I'm certain to pay for it tomorrow, as should be the case with all great evenings. You can see all of the other portraits from the artists participating in the challenge right this way.

But I must rest now, for tomorrow is another day and another challenge.
See you then.

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