May 16, 2014

Sneaky Peaks & Grumpy Gnomes

The battle still rages between myself, armed with my trusty pens and that great foe, time. Deadlines approach with alarming speed and they are flanking me on both sides.
But in the midst of this bloody war, a moment of reprieve has been granted (by me, to me), to take a step back, to take stock, and to plot out the final assault.

And in this time allotted to me, I want to talk about a couple of things and show off some others.
Firstly, I really want to give a whole-hearted shout out to good old Mother Nature. She's putting on a fantastic display this Spring in Galway, wouldn't you agree?
The trees are almost in full bloom, apart from the Ash trees, of course, which are late starters by nature. With the mild winter and ample rain, the growth rate of all things green has been startling to observe. I want to do a proper post just about the marvels of nature at this time of year in the northern hemisphere, look for that soon.

But today is all about showing off some recent work. I'm not allowed to show the properly scanned and cleaned-up pieces just yet; but, instead, I'm going to show some shots taken with all manner of image recording devices- phones, webcams, cameras... Let's have a look, shall we?

I've also been playing around with making little videos recently. A couple of Facebook friends do them regularly and I really like the process and results. The videos can be as instructional, informative, educational or just plain entertaining as you like. I prefer to just hit the record button and let the drawing do the work. Here's a quick sketching video I did just the other day:

And here's a fancy two-part video of me drawing a Gnome:

And here's a proper shot of the portrait:

It is my intention to do lots more of these videos, they really are fun to do.

I should be back with another post in just a couple of days. This weekend is going to be a big one for artwork. On Saturday, the Dr. Sketchy gang will be back to put on their fantastic mix of life drawing and burlesque show. I'll be there, rest assured.
Then, on Sunday, the Galway Urban Sketching group will be out and about, located at a spot called Salthill, which is a little touristy seaside off-shoot of Galway. The weather is supposed to be nice, so we should have a good day.
I'll be doing a wrap-up of the whole weekend once I've recovered from it!
See you then.

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