May 30, 2014

Podcasts & the 30-Day Drawing Challenge returns!

I'm feeling really good about art at the moment, both with my own (not necessarily a good thing, of course) and the art I like to look at. I have this lovely sense of a real and tangible community existing in not only the Galway groups, but also on a larger scale, online. As I've mentioned previously, so much of being an artist is just sitting at a desk, alone, drawing away with little contact with the outside world, let alone other like-minded people.

But I think I've found the cure to that with my trusty new studio companion... the podcast. Specifically, illustration podcasts.

Friend and all-round good chap, Donal Fallon, has been extolling the virtues of podcasts for a very many years, but I guess I never really got the urge to actually check them out until last week.
I'm glad I finally did look some up and give them a chance, but I'm also peeved with myself for not doing so a lot earlier, as they really are tremendously good on many levels.

The one I have started off with and am totally and utterly addicted to, is the W.I.P. PODCAST. I've downloaded all of the episodes I could to my iPod and listen to it on the way to work, during lunch and in the evening while I'm drawing. The only problem is, I'm running out of the available episodes fast and am seriously considering contacting one of the hosts to see where I can find the earlier dozen or so episodes.

But even if I am successful in tracking down those earlier episodes, I will probably churn through them quickly enough too. But fortune is on my side, because there are some other seriously good podcasts waiting for me on the other side. I have all of the Ninja Mountain, Drawn Today, Big Illustration Party Time, Escape From Illustration Island and The Illustration Underground episodes to get to next. That's probably hundreds of hours of listening, and I really can't wait to listen to every minute!

I want to talk about podcasts and what I have learned from them, which is quite a lot in such a small amount of time, in greater detail soon. But I'll leave it at that for the moment. But if you're reading this and like the sound of them, I definitely and whole-heartedly recommend the WIP Podcast.
On the drawing board at the moment
The next thing I'd like to mention is that thing that seems to pop up at about this time every year and fills me with a combination of sweaty dread and giddy excitement... Yep, the 30-Day Drawing Challenge is BAAAACKKKK! As if my life isn't busy enough as it is...

It is my intention to do as many of the listed daily challenges as I can, but I know I won't be able to do all of them. I have a couple of really nifty paying gigs lined up for June, neither of them are massive undertakings, but I really want to give them my all and do the very best work I can. Granted, I endeavour to do this with every job I take on, but these ones are particularly poignant as the completion of these will mark the end of my old system of working and the beginning of new things for my art.

I won't give away too much just yet, but let me just say that the changes I am planning will bring me considerably closer to the career I dream of and have aspired to for a very long time.

Obviously, there will be more said on this topic closer to the big change-up. I'd like to close this post with a few photographs, if I may.

As I am sitting here, writing this blog post, on a very warm Friday evening in my home, I am surrounded by my books, my trinkets and my art supplies. My study/studio is a bit of a tip at the moment, as I can never seem to find the time to clean and organise it beyond making neat piles of everything. But from certain angles, in a particular light, parts of it look lived-in and almost welcoming.

So I thought I'd share some of those views...
I kinda have a thing for mushrooms
That is, indeed, a full shelf of He-Man figures
My study drink of choice, hot chocolate
See you back here in a few days for Day 1of the 30-Day Drawing Challenge!.... sigh...

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donal fallon said...

I don't actually listen to WIP myself, although I do have it in my Juice Podcast Downloader feed. I must dig into it, see if it's a good fit. :)