May 26, 2014

ImagineFX FTW!

Soooo, do you remember a couple of posts ago, when I said that I would hopefully have a big announcement soon? Well, the time has come for it.

Let's paint a magical mental picture, shall we? Yes, let's...

Imagine, if you were to go to your local newsagent today, a decently sized newsagent, that is; you would probably find in the digital art section a magazine called ImagineFX. This is pretty much the go-to magazine for fantasy artists, be they of a digital or traditional bent.

The most recent issue looks like this-
ImagineFX #110. Perty.
If you were to take that magazine down and start flicking through the pages, you would see some pretty spectacular artwork on display from some truly amazingly talented artists.

If you were to continue flipping through the pages, you would eventually get to a 2-page spread on pages 104 and 105-
There, you would see an interesting article on a group of artists you might have heard me mention, the Sceitse sketching group based in Cork and run by cycle-sketching champion of the world, JG O'Donoghue. You could then read the article and perhaps find it a rewarding usage of your time.

As you look at this two-page spread, maybe your eyes might glance to the right of the page, where you will see a sidebar running from the top to the bottom with various pictures and words inside it.

Upon closer inspection you may see such famed names as Donal Fallon, Eva Widermann, Kevin Gough and, of course, the great JG O'Donoghue again.
You may also notice a small coloured picture of an ancient ring fort there. There is a name attached to that picture, and wouldn't you know, it's mine!
And here's a better look at that picture-
Pretty cool, huh? I've been trying, albeit sporadically, to get a piece of artwork in ImagineFX for, quite literally, years. If you've been reading this blog from the beginning (blessed are thee), then you may recall seeing these posts where I entered some weekly art challenges that ImagineFX runs. Bare in mind, these pieces were done years ago now, so they're pretty dodgy and I cringe whenever I look at them, as should you!

So, anyway, this is kinda like my first piece of artwork to be featured in a proper, worldwide printed publication. Sure, it's a tiny picture, but I still think it's neat and it is definitely something that I plan to build on.

Go get yourself a copy of it then, won't you?
In the distant future, when you finally get to meet me at some huge convention, and have had to wait for hours in a line of people eager to get my autograph and perhaps (time permitting) a photo with me, you'll look like a real fan if you pull this issue out for me to sign instead of some lame first edition novel or art book of mine.
You'll see.

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