May 21, 2014

Bliary Entry #10: The weekend that was

Wowzer, what a weekend that was. It's Wednesday now and I'm still getting over it (possibly because I am running myself ragged with the impending deadline mentioned in the previous post as well).
I haven't got a huge amount of time today, so I'm going to use few words and lots of pictures, quite possibly a first for this blog!

Saturday was Dr. Sketchy day.
The theme for this month was 'Back to the Future,' and our hosts didn't let us down with the effort they put in-
Image pinched from the Dr. Sketchy Facebook page. Naughty me.
Here are the best three pieces I produced on the night-
Sarah Vixyn as Martha McFly.

Michelle Noir as Doc Brown

I won a spot prize for this one. A shot of alcohol! numnum..
As usual, I'm not super happy with any of the pieces. I'm still trying to find my sea legs with the whole life drawing thing and I feel as though I'm drawing on autopilot when at these Dr. Sketchy events. I need to be more smart and considerate of what I am doing while I'm at it. It's all good and well to just go to town and let the drawing flow, but I think that better results await me if I could just take a quick step back and really think about both what I want to achieve, and how to go about achieving it.
But regardless of my personal artistic misgivings, it is one heck of a fun evening and I really wish we could do it more often than just once a month!

On to Sunday, which was all about Urban Sketchers Galway.
Our ever-changing group met up at a little town just a couple of clicks from the main part of Galway city, called Salthill. Resting on the water's edge, Salthill is pretty much your bog standard seaside town. There's a walking path along the water, plenty of tourist attractions and, as a consequence, lots of tourists.
From L to R: Patrick, Ruth, Phil, Casey & Ro-Ro

To be honest, it's not my kind of place at all. I'm not a big fan of the seaside, much preferring a forest over a beach any day! But being an Urban Sketcher is all about getting out there and trying new things. So, armed with my watercolour rig, I got to work on this piece-
It's a pretty faithful representation of what was there in front of me, you can see the view in the photo above it. And it was the most interesting scene, to my mind at least, to be found there. But it's still rather dull, I think. Maybe it's the amount of buildings, or the lack of even a single tree, but I get no emotion from it at all.
All of that moping aside, I had a great time with friends old and new while drawing away. 99% of the time, my art is produced in solitude, so it is a real blessing and a thrill to be able to be creative and have fun with friends at the same time. It's a novelty that can't possibly ever wear out.
You can see and read my buddy Róisín Curé's far superior write-up of the event over here.

And that's it. So much for being less wordy than usual...
I'll be back with what I hope will be a couple of joyous announcements very soon.
Catch you then!

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