Apr 6, 2014

Bliary Entry #9: A Sketchy Saturday in Galway

Things are really heating up in the Galway art scene at the moment. Maybe it's the onset of slightly milder weather (I daren't say actual 'nice' weather yet), but there seems to be a really positive buzz about the place. There's lots happening at the moment, too. Our little band of merry urban sketchers are getting out there as often as we can, there's serious talks of getting some life drawing classes up and running, and the Galway Pub Scrawl group is going from strength to strength.

And yesterday, on a muggy and wet Saturday evening, the second Dr. Sketchy's Galway branch event took place!

I missed the first event due to work commitments, so I was rather excited to be able to attend this one. A bunch of us purchased our tickets prior to the event taking place, so we got lovely seats right at the front.

the gang's all here (almost, anyway...)
And then it was down to the drawing. We started off with some quick poses from the two models, stage-named Azaria Starfire and Kerri Katastrophe.
I always struggle with the quick poses, I invariably end up going for just a face shot because I don't seem fast enough to be able to do a quick, full figure gestural pose in a short amount of time. The problem being, one or two minutes isn't really any time at all to try and get a reasonable likeness down when doing a face shot either.

So, yeah, I won't be showing any of those attempts!

But as the evening went on, the poses got longer and my drawings got better.

Kerri - 10 minutes
Azaria - 10 minutes
It was a really fun event. Each model did a cabaret performance, and there were prizes given out for winning artwork based on challenges. I may not have gotten a prize (a choice of a shot of tequila or an awesome donut from Dungeons & Donuts), nor got to pop a balloon, but it wasn't about that at all. It was about having fun, drawing with friends and meeting new people. Well, maybe I'm a little bit hurt too...
Here are the final two drawings I produced for the evening:
Kerri - 20 minutes
Azaria - 20 minutes
This is only the second life drawing 'class' I've done in the past decade and a half, but I want to do a whole lot more of it in the future. Nothing beats life drawing for skill refinement. Even over the span of a couple of hours, your skill can sky-rocket. I'm still nowhere near happy with what I produced, especially in the cold, harsh light of the next day, but I can see improvements. And that is the important thing.
My thanks go to the two performers, Azaria and Kerri, organiser Scarlett Nymph (sorry about my bad joke at the end!) and the Dr. Sketchy's Galway crew, and our hosts, Kelly's Bar.
See you next time!

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