Mar 12, 2014

Bliary Entry #6: River walking & a tree so ominous!

I had the day off yesterday. Which is nice, but I'd rather have tomorrow off. I'd also like to say that every day.
But the sun was shining, and there was actual heat coming off of it. So Louie and I decided, unanimously, to go for a lovely walk.
We live quite close to Claregalway Abbey now. It's actually a Friary, but everybody calls it 'the Abbey.'

It was Louie's first visit to it, it's hard to tell if he was excited by it or not...

We jumped a wall (possibly illegally), and strolled along the Clare river for a bit.

Then we rounded back, stopping to pick up the odd stone that looked suspiciously like Faerie marbles...

Then we headed over to this giant, dead, tree in the middle of a field.

It has to be a Faerie tree, doesn't it?

And then we headed home and I did a bit of drawing...

The big weird thing the little Faerie is holding is a dead Banksia seed pod. The Banksia is an Australian tree and these seed pods are pretty spectacular natural objects. Each of the orange openings is like a little pair of lips. I have a story for these things... of course.

Anyway, I have more thoughts on Australian seed pods (believe it or not), but that is for another time!

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