Nov 24, 2013

Realms Roams

How do, folklings?
I'm back with another assortment of works found whilst wandering the Realms of Faerie. Let's have a look at what I have to show, shall we?

First up, here's a pen and ink piece I produced recently for Tim Shorts and his excellent gaming zine, The Manor.

You can see all of the details of the process over here and you can buy the zine here.
This was a really interesting piece to do. It doesn't look very difficult or overly complicated, but I found it deceptively so. For a change, I created most of the linework, especially the stone walls, door frame and door itself, using a cheap dipping quill. I wanted to do it this way because I felt that if I were to produce the whole piece with a brush, like I normally do, the thicker line weight the brush produces wouldn't look as good.
Don't get me wrong, I loooove working with a brush, but the fact remains that the thinnest brush stroke you can make is not going to be as fine or as uniform as a quill or even a fine pen. Well, it would be close, but to create a depth of field for this piece, I wanted to go super fine.
Another reason I used the quill is because I find it tough to create some textures with a brush. Most of the time, a brush is the best way to create organic matter, but stonework can be quite an unwieldy beast. The line between something that looks like stone and something way off the mark can be quite precarious. It's a balancing act of style, realism and representation.

On to the next piece, which is yet another Faerie Stone! Here's the obligatory video...

The video came out at a pretty low quality, so here's are a photo of it so that you can have a better look.

As you can see, I put a little bit more work into this one. I like to think of this one as being the first 'Faerie Stone 2.0.'
The grass at the base was made with modelling grass usually used for gaming miniatures, and the shield was made from scratch by me. This is the first in a series of sculptures I wish to produce that feature elements other than the actual stones. I'm thinking that one with a bird nest and a perched raven would look cool, another one with a sword driven into the stone like Excalibur would also be pretty neat. I think I can get together a series of 6-8 sculptures that would make a fun little sub-section for an exhibition.

Finally, I want to show off what a few folks have done with the 100 Heads pieces I sent to them.
You may recall that Tim Shorts did a post about the stuff he received.
Well, Boric G over at The Dwarven Stronghold did a matching titled post on his blog too!
And, finally, fellow Galway Pub Scrawler and thespian (who appeared as a Frey house member in Game of Thrones, I'll have you know!) Katie Creaven posted this photo on Facebook a few days ago-

It appears that everybody I sent work to have received their packages by this stage. I still need to get WA_side's address though. So if you see this WA, drop me a line at jaypennart at yahoo dot com.
So that's it from me today. I have some artwork on the drawing board that should get finished any day now. I also have some more books to review, so I'll be back before you know it. Laters!


Tim Shorts said...

Jay, the cover is incredible. I can't tell you how much I appreciate the time and effort you put into the picture.

Jay Penn said...

The pleasure was all mine, sir.

Boric G said...

I can't wait to get my copy of the Manor, and not just for the content. Jay, I LOVE this image.
And I love what Katie did with her heads. I wish I could find someone local to do something similar without costing my arm and a leg.

Jay Penn said...

I, too, look forward to seeing this issue of the Manor. Here's hoping Tim hits me up for future issues!
Framing can be crazy expensive, I know. Best to keep your arm and leg intact, methinks.