Oct 22, 2013

Tim Shorts: A Capital Fellow

Okay, the internet is finally back. And not a moment too soon, Steph was starting to She-Hulk out with the lack of it.

So I've got a lot of catching up to do! I have some things to show- sketches, sculptures, published artwork. But this first post is going to be about a rather nice fellow by the name of Tim Shorts. He's been following my stuff for a while now, he was introduced to it through Christian Walker's Loviatar zine (which I miss working on).

Tim put his name down for some of the prints I was giving away and managed to secure a bunch of the 100 Heads he liked.
Well, the package I sent him arrived last week and he kindly showed off the artwork on his fantastic gaming blog, Gothridge Manor.

I must confess to getting a kick out of seeing my artwork in other people's hands or on their blogs and such. It's an ego thing, I admit. But it's also because I like to be generous with this stuff; so seeing someone enjoying something given for the sake of giving is a nice feeling too. I've never asked for anything in return. Just because I like to give stuff away doesn't mean that the recipient should feel obliged to do anything in return. I'm not against it, mind, but it's not why I do it.

So this morning, I got these in the mail:

Tim very kindly posted some stuff back, namely the back issues of all of his zines! I must say, it put a smile on my dial. I love zines. I wish I were more proficient in gaming to put these guys to the use they deserve, but I'll be reading them closely and no doubt, enjoying them immensely.

Tim, my hat is doffed in your direction.

I highly recommend checking out Tim's blog and picking up his zines. He's obviously passionate about gaming and has a great writing voice. Give him a visit, won't you?

I'll be back in a day or so with another post or two, I have been a little lazy with the work the last month, but I can feel the drive starting to kick in again, so there'll be plenty of stuff to show in the coming weeks, I'm sure.

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Tim Shorts said...

Glad you got them in good condition Jay. Just a small thanks for sending me those fantastic pictures. Once I get them famed I'll take photos. Enjoy the Manors!