Oct 2, 2013

It's raining posts!

I have today and tomorrow off, so I'm trying to catch up on blogging and a few other jobs. One of the things I simply must get done is sorting out all of the prints and 100 Heads for those people that asked for them. I have all of the envelopes and plastic sleeves I require, as well as money put aside for postage, all I need now is the addresses from people. I've contacted as many folks on the list as I could, requesting their addresses, so the parcels should start being fired off on Friday.
The only people I couldn't contact, and still require addresses from, are:
  • Tim Shorts
  • WA_Side
If you two could send me your postal addresses, I'll get you free art out to you, you can email me at jaypennart @ yahoo dot com.

For those interested parties, out of the 100 Heads I drew and offered for free, a mere 33 of them are going to a new home. All of the Troll Witch prints have been claimed, but there are still six Cthulhu prints available. I can't believe I am having so much trouble giving free art away to people!

Anywho, There'll be a deluge of posts over the coming days, sorry about that. I have a new video to reveal, some sketches and a new sculpture. Bring on the rain!

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