Oct 2, 2013

Faerie Stone #1 for your viewing pleasure

Here I am again, only a couple of hours after the last post.
If you've read some of the recent things I've put up here, you'll know that I have been playing around with some clay lately. I came up with this idea to make these sculpted standing stones with faerie faces on them. I initially did up a couple of quick mock-ups to see what they would be like, but now I've finished a proper one. I made a short video of it to show him off a little:

I think he turned out pretty cool. Not super cool though. Just pretty cool. I still want to play around with the paint application and sculpting techniques, etc. But I like the stone colour, I think I have that right. I recently found three 75ml tubes of Daler Rowney Middle Grey Artist's Acrylic for a couple of Euros a pop, and it is the perfect colour. I did the base coat 100% in this colour, which is a factory mix of Titanium White, Carbon Black and Raw Umber. Then, I added some white to get a bit of layering. I like it, it's quick and simple and is the result I want.

This particular Faerie Stone is a pinch under 12cm tall. The previous mock-ups were considerably smaller, and the subsequent one (still drying) is taller than this one. But that is intentional, they'll all be different heights and thicknesses, just like real standing stones.

So, yeah, this one is for sale. I know I usually give stuff away, but this guy was a little more work than usual and I want to start making at least a little cash off of all of the work I'm doing.
I have no idea what to charge for him though. He IS one of a kind, but I don't want to charge the earth... how does €5/US$7 sound? There would have to be a shipping charge on top of that I'm afraid, but I don't think it would be much, he doesn't weigh a lot now that the moisture inside it has evaporated.

Any takers?

Anyway... I'll be back tomorrow with another post. I have some drawing work to show and a round-up of the goings on in the Realms of Faerie.
See you then.

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