Oct 29, 2013

Around the Realms...

I'm back again with more stuff to show off from the Realms of Faerie.

First up, I have a new video of a Faerie Stone that I've put up on YouTube:

I couldn't resist adding a few lame and outdated effects to it, sorry about that.

I've since made another Faerie Stone, but I don't much like it, so I'll probably skip making a video for that one. But the fourth Faerie Stone is shaping up to be the best one yet! I've added some features to it to make it a bit more interesting, including- some grass, some creepers, some fungi, an old and weathered shield. I've painted the stone and the base of the grass, I'm waiting for the shield to fully dry up before I paint that, glue it to the sculpture and then add the grass. Amazingly, I had some modelling grass left from when I was working at Gamer's Realm, back in 2002. I don't think it is war-gaming grass, if memory serves, it's railway modelling grass. Anyway, whatever it is, it should do the job nicely. Look for a post on this piece next week.

I'm really enjoying all of this sculpting, it's fun and different and I'm picking up skills that are making it all the more interesting. As a bonus, I think it is going to help my drawing and painting too, as I start to visualize things in three dimensions to a greater degree. My buddy Bart Sears has been telling me for years to do sculpture to help me draw. Yet another reason why he is a great teacher.

Anywho, here's some recent sketch work, mostly just doodles, with a few future sculpting ideas thrown in for good measure.
A sad little elf girl
doodles & sculpting ideas
Hill Giant & Mountain Giant ideas
I'm definitely going to have a go at the Hill Giant sculpt, I think that could look cool.

And so another post is brought to a close. I have so much more to say and show, but time is against me this evening. The bookshop is starting to heat up for Christmas, and I'm finding myself more tired at the end of the day, even though the days seem to go by quicker. I have lots of drawing to do at the moment, so I'm trying to fight through the fatigue, with pretty varied success. But, as ever, whenever I have something to show, I'll post it up here.
Back in a bit!

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Jensan said...

I love that hill giant! It's like his eyes are telling you "Oh I'm stuck...again".