Oct 25, 2013

Adventures Dark & Deep: The Bestiary

Regular readers will know that I have been producing artwork for Joseph Bloch's Adventures Dark & Deep. I've created illustrations for both the Players Manual and the Game Masters Toolkit.

Well, the last book in the set is the Bestiary and it is on sale now. I'll give all of the details at the end of this post, but here's where you can buy the book.

I produced a pretty paltry three pieces for this book. I had planned to produce a lot more, but I had a hefty plate at the time and it was a constant struggle to find the time to put into it.

Here's what I did manage to get done:
This is a Basidirond. I have absolutely no idea what it is... The description I was given was that it's a five-legged bowl with a dark liquid inside it.

This is a Bone Dragon (sometimes called an Undead Dragon) consuming bits of its latest victim. As part of the Kickstarter rewards ladder, backers could chip in extra to have their likeness depicted in an illustration. I was given a shot of the backer, a gentleman by the name of John Croddick, and was charged with placing him in the scene. John will also be receiving the original art of this illustration shortly.

This last piece is of a Pseudo-Dragon. Another backer reward option was to receive the original art of an illustration. This piece is on its way out to one Jeffrey Binder as I speak.

Now, here are the details of the book:

TITLE: Adventures Dark & Deep Game Bestiary
FORMAT: Hardcover, Softcover & PDF
PAGES: 452!
PRICE: US$44.95 - Hardcover
              US$34.95 - Softcover
              US$14.95 - PDF
              US$34.95 - Softcover & PDF
              US$44.95 - Hardcover & PDF

I'm not sure what Joseph has planned for the future, but I would definitely work with him again on any future projects he might have, he was a fantastic person to work with.

As for me, I still have a backlog of posts to put together. The next one will have another sculpture to show, then I might do a few book reviews and such, along with some art posts as the work gets done. I should be back in a couple of days.
See you then!

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