Oct 4, 2013

A Realms of Faerie round-up

The Realms are positively buzzing at the moment, I can tell you!
I'm churning out the Faerie Stones and applying a range of implements to paper for various effects. I'm working on stories and cooking up articles for this blog too. Here's a breakdown of what is going on.

Faerie Stones
I have one about 2 days off being dry. I'll paint that one up over the weekend and make another little video for it. This one is looking pretty good. I made another one today too. It's a tall and thin stone with a rather bulbous nose. It should dry a little quicker than the previous one, but I'm going to have to find a system of drying these things out faster, they're taking a solid week as it stands...

Realms of Faerie articles
I've got an idea for a pretty fun and detailed post dealing with Faeries and their use of organic objects for armour, clothing, ornaments and weapons. I've done up a little sketch page to play around with ideas:
More heads, I know!
I got the idea for this post from a certain seed pod, I believe from a eucalyptus, found in Australia. The fellow in the top left corner of the above drawing is wearing one. In fact, I have a whole bunch of various Australian seeding bodies that are perfect for this sort of thing.
Look for this post soon. I'll make lots of illustrations for it, I promise.

Short Stories
I'm still working away on the first story I wrote a few weeks ago. The title of that particular one is 'The Wizard's Granddaughter' and is the tale of a little girl in a dark and magical forest. Sound familiar? I assure you, this story ain't nothing like that one!

I've just taken on a job for long-time follower, Jensan, who lives in Sweden. He wrote a really interesting set-up scene for an RPG setting and has commissioned a few artists to create images directly related to it. You can read the article over here. The idea I put to Jensan, which he liked, is this:

I'm still working up the rough, obviously...
It's basically a bunch of heroes running, petrified, away from the giant, Mr. Poppelmann, who has just turned one of their group to stone with his wand. It should be a blast to draw, there's lots of facial expressions and detail to play with.

Odds & Ends
A couple of days ago, I found about twenty sheets of this gorgeous green paper I have:
Paper in waiting...
I'd completely forgotten I had it. I'm currently coming up with some ideas for what to draw on it. I'm thinking black ink and white gouache highlighting for it, I think that look will suit the olive colour very nicely, almost in an Alphonse Mucha way.

Finally, I'm going to try and set myself a writing word count daily target of 500 words for Willow and the Otter. With everything else that is going on, it's easy for things like writing to fall through the cracks. I find it best to set targets to stop this from happening. I'll keep folks posted on how this is going. I'm hoping to have the first draft done by the end of the year or sometime in January. I don't want to kill myself doing it, so I've set a relatively soft target for it. The subsequent drafts will have more pushy deadlines.

So there you have it, that's what's going on around these parts. Busy times, as usual, really.

I'll be back with more soon!

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