Sep 18, 2013

The Realms of Faerie roadmap

Okay, so maybe I'm not done with the path analogies...

This post is very much a companion to the previous one, and is sort of a continuation of it. Where the previous post dealt with why I want to be a Faerie craftsman, this post is going to go into more detail about how I intend to go about doing that. Let's get to it then...

First and foremost is my desire to write and illustrate Faerie books. The big one is Willow and the Otter, but that is only the first in a series of interweaving books I have in mind. These books and the stories they tell are hopefully going to be my life's work. Because of the nature of the way I have set them up, I don't envision ever running out of story ideas for them.
On top of these novel length stories, there are the shorter stories I want to continue doing. I figure I can pull off one of these, fully illustrated and edited, a month. I plan on collecting these into books at some point too, but for now they will serve the multipurpose of being portfolio builders, writing skill refiners and world populating devices.

Secondly, there will be the craft section of the Realms of Faerie. I will continue to dabble with clay, with things like the Stonemen; but I also want to create little Faerie figures once my skill level improves and I learn new tricks.
I would very much like to do some wooden sculptures too. These will be small and intricate and will vary based on the materials at hand. By that I mean, some will be carved out of blocks of wood and will be more figurative, while others may be sculpted out of unusual pieces of wood, using the existing shapes to create unique carvings. I have all of the equipment required to sculpt both in clay and wood, so hopefully there will be some work to show soon.

Thirdly, there will be the hired work. This may come in the form of commissions, or it may be proper book illustrations. This is still a little way off, I think, but it is certainly a direction I want to go in.

All of the art and crafts, be it sculptures, books and whatever else I can come up with that I think is marketable and unique, will be sold in an Etsy-type of store. My aim is to provide quality pieces at affordable prices that are original and of interest. I'm a firm believer in being generous to people that like your work. I never want to treat a fan as a source of money, I want to treat them as a person to share things with and make their attention worth their while. Earning a living is a part of it, but it's a small part for me; the love of the work and sharing it with people who like it is really what I am all about.

It is my aim to bring all of these far-reaching plans to fruition in 2014. I could go crazy and just do everything at once right now, but I believe that a slow-burning approach to the career I have planned is better suited and will be more sustainable. I don't want to be a flash in the pan, I want to be a presence of lasting quality and quantity.

It's a long road ahead. My caravan of readers is small now, and I cherish each and every companion I already have, but as we roll on down that road, I hope we can make room for more and more passengers. There will be those that wish to hop off at some point, but I'm hoping that I welcome more people than I bid farewell to.

Who's with me?

There'll be yet another post, probably tomorrow or the day after, that will have art, photos and a couple of other choice slices to reveal. See you then.

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