Sep 29, 2013

Jean-Baptiste Monge does it again!

This blog is rapidly turning into the Jean-Baptiste Monge Show, it seems. I've written about him numerous times, like here and here, but blast it if he hasn't gone and done it again: produced something that I have acquired that demands to be written about!

The object in question this time? This thing of immense beauty-

I saw this book a while ago, and was very tempted to but it then. But then JB started selling it in his Etsy store and I grabbed a copy very quickly. And I'm really glad I did. It is just one of the most gorgeous books I own. Here's why...

TITLE: Jean-Baptiste Monge - A World of Imagination
PUBLISHER: Trinquette Publishing
SIZE: 225mm x 218mm
PAGES: 48 pages plus front & back endpapers, a Special Thanks page and the indicia/colophon page with space for a sketch.

My particular copy had this on the indicia page-

I can't seem to figure out the precise translation of 'Trollement votre,' but I think it is something like 'Your Troll.' Whatever it is, the sketch is fantastic and I'm a very proud owner of my new Troll.

So what is the book about? Well, it's a pictorial review of some of the best artwork Mr. Monge has produced over the years. It has a great deal of work in the Faerie art realm, with plenty of sketches and watercolour pieces, as well as some rather exceptional digital work too. But it also has some more cartoony type of stuff, plus some of JB's fantasy work for books in the past, including some brilliant Dragon pieces. Here's some of the work to be found in the book-


I find myself loving JB's work more and more. He's so good at so many things. His colour usage is exceptional; just look at that pot in the above image, not to mention the reds in the skin and the electric blue highlighting. You can see the video of how he did that piece over here.
His basic structure is remarkably simple, but so effective. They're almost cartoon shapes, but he makes them work with his rendering. And he can do the realistic stuff incredibly well. His animals are lifelike and fit with the faeries he draws next to them so seamlessly that even the great Rien Poortvliet would admire how he handles them.

The book can be purchased over at JB's Etsy page. If you're a fan of Faerie illustration, or art in general, I really can't recommend this book enough. And hey, Christmas isn't far away, it'd make a fantastic present for that special somebody in your life. Go get it, you won't regret it!

I'll be back soon with some new sculptures and drawings of my own, probably in a few days.

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