Sep 7, 2013

100 Heads in 100 Days - A postmortem

Note: There are still plenty of the 100 Heads looking for good homes, I've set up a page on this blog dedicated to listing the ones still available, go check it out right here.

My self-imposed 100 Heads in 100 Days Challenge is now over. It's done. Dusted. Finito.
It was a long road to get to here, and the road wasn't always smooth. But I kept to it; mostly to prove to myself that I could take on a longer project than I was used to and see it through.
I learned a great many things along that road to 100 Heads, here's the big stuff:
  • I CAN handle long assignments. I can juggle different assignments too.
  • I need to change the way I go about drawing (more on this at a later date)
  • Filling 100 posts with Me Facts was tough. I'm more dull than I initially imagined.
  • Experimentation with techniques and materials is fun, but it has to be treated with caution.
  • white gouache over watercolours is THE way to do flesh tones.
  • My imagination is stronger than my ability to depict what I imagine.
  • While I preach that correct structure is the foundation for a drawing, I must practice what I preach better.
  • Variety is the spice of life. Drawing 100 heads in a row was restrictive in many ways.
  • When using multiple layers of watercolour, a paper's quality is put to the test.
  • I will NEVER set such a challenge again! Not that it was bad, just that it was too constricted.
I think I progressed as an artist along the way to 100 heads. I picked up some new material techniques and stylistic progression, which made the challenge invaluable. This was definitely part of the reason that I started the whole thing to begin with: to gain more skill. I think I was successful with that, but I still have a long way to go.
That's the funny thing about progressing as an artist: Once you gain one skill or a better understanding of something, it sort of jumps ahead of you again. It's as if you were chasing a leaf that is blowing in the wind. You finally catch it and hold it in your hand, only to see another leaf go whizzing by that is even prettier and more enticing, so you start running after that one. And as an artist, there are many leaves to catch, often more than one at a time.
Personal style is very similar. I can see that the style I have now is okay, and I can apply it to anything I want to draw now (which is a great milestone in it itself), but I can easily picture the next step in my style, and I want it, bad. So that is where I want to head next.

Overall, I'm quite happy with the 100 Heads in 100 Days challenge. It WAS worthwhile, fun, exhausting, burdensome, interesting, challenging and unforgiving. I'm glad I did it. So much so that I made a little video of the whole thing:

As promised, there is another reason for this post... FREEBIES! Some of you may recall that I gave away 10 prints free to commemorate the 50th Head. Well, to celebrate to 100th Head and the completion of the challenge, I have another 10 prints to give away free. As with the previous print, all shipping, printing and packaging costs will be covered by me. All I require from you is the address you want it posted to. It won't cost you a single cent!

Here's the print in question-
As with the other print, there are only 10 copies available of it, so be quick to secure yours now! You can post a comment on this very blog post, or through my Facebook page (Jay Penn) or by email (jaypennart at yahoo dot com). So go to it. Once they're gone, they're gone for good. First in, best dressed rules apply.

So what happens now? Well, I have the week off from work and I have a couple of new posts in mind. I plan on being very active here as a general rule. I'm looking to post at least a couple of entries a week going ahead, so it certainly won't be all quiet on the Realms of Faerie front.
The next post will deal with an issue I have just, rather alarmingly, encountered: Discovering that the idea you had, that you though was so original and unique, in fact, isn't.

I'll see you then, and don't forget to put your name down for a print!


desmondkenny said...

Is it cheeky to put my name in the hat for this one too? If it makes a difference, I'm wearing my Cthulu t-shirt, and reading my uncorrected proof copy of the Case of Charles Dexter Ward! (showing off just a litte too)

"Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn"

Jay Penn said...

Nope, folks should feel free to put their name down to get both prints.
You have the first one sir!

christian said...

Mmm...smells like insanity in that kitchen, Cthulhu!

I can send you PayPal for a copy of the print to cover shipping? I also need to bug you you about the availability of a potato gnome sketch. :

Jay Penn said...

PayPal not required! All costs are taken care of, especially for you Christian.

I believe the Potato Gnome is still pottering around here somewhere, I'll see if he's up for a relocation to sunnier shores.

That's 2 prints down, 8 left.

Jay Penn said...

1 copy of the print for Boric G.
1 copy for Hastur Games and Hobbies in Utah.

Still 6 copies remaining!

Jay Penn said...

1 copy for Tim Shorts.
5 still available.

Jay Penn said...

1 copy for Patrick Gavin
4 still available!