Sep 2, 2013

100 Heads in 100 Days #98 - Witchity

A mere two heads left to go after this one!

100 Heads in 100 Days #98
This is the character I am having the most trouble with. I know how to write her; I know her personality, motivations, mannerisms and reason for being there in the first place. But I can't seem to nail down her look or her name. I think the above one is close, but she's still not quite right. I want her to look something like a typical wicked witch, but I also want to put my own slant on her and make her unique in some way. This may require a future post on the process of reaching that aim.

Me Fact #98
As it stands, I have about half of the first book of my Realms of Faerie series written, with the rest to be completed over the next year (including multiple drafts and such). I have the subsequent three books in the series roughly plotted out, with further ones very vague in my mind. I don't think I could actually run out of stories from the Realms of Faerie to write about. I honestly don't think there is an end to the possibilities.


Tim Shorts said...

Wow #98 already. Seems I've missed a few days.

The book your working on is it fiction or gaming? Or both?

Excellent work Jay.

Jay Penn said...

It's a straight fiction piece. I don't have anywhere near the knowledge required to create a game. Perhaps in the future though!

Jay Penn said...

reserved for Sue Perrin.