Aug 13, 2013

Jean-Baptiste Monge: Faerie artist extraordinaire!

So, I've mentioned the Faerie artist Jean-Baptiste Monge a lot lately, I even did a little bit of a review of his work a while ago. In that post, I mentioned that I had purchased an original sketch off him and was waiting to receive it in the mail. Well, the wait is over. It wasn't even a very long wait!

Ordinarily, if I were to get something in the mail that I wanted to show here, I would simply show the item I'd received. But this particular delivery was very different and should be treated so.
Every now and then, you get a parcel that is just a joy to open, you take your time with it and make it an experience. I find that in today's world, with Amazon and all of the online shopping that is available, the receiving of a parcel has lost its magic. I think Mr. Monge is aware of this situation, because he seems to have gone out of his way to make the opening of this parcel a journey of sorts, with lots of surprises along the way. So let's get to it shall we?

Here is the front of the envelope, nothing too special there I guess-
Note: The sensitive information on this has been removed.
Then, on the back, is the first clue to the delights that were to be found inside-
The 'Goblin's Way' sticker
Once I'd removed the outer layer, the first thing I noticed was how well the contents were packed. There was foam board to protect everything, and it was all taped up securely. The tape strips themselves were all numbered so that you knew exactly the best way to open it up to get to the goodies. I have never seen this done before and I was pretty amazed at the level of detail JB had gone to with this.

After removing some tape and a plastic sleeve holding everything, this was the first thing I came across-
Mr. Monge's business card
Then, after that came this-
His flyer
I love this sort of thing. Most folks would give this stuff a look and then maybe throw it in a pile somewhere, or even throw it out. Me? Well, I'll be laminating these beauties and using them as bookmarks or finding a special spot for them.

As good as they were, though, I didn't expect this-
His postcard
The back of said postcard
Is there anything better than a hand-written, personalised note from somebody you admire? At the moment, I can't think of anything.

And here, finally, is the original sketch-
I love it! I like the blue watercolour splashes on it, I like the erased drawings that can just barely be seen under this sketch, I like the quickness of the sketch, the balance of sketchy detail and the more refined bits.

I've decided I am going to laminate this sketch too. Living in Ireland, there is the problem of dampness in the colder months, and because this is a sketch, I don't want it to get damaged. So I'm going to laminate it, to protect it from the harsh Irish climate.
Then I'm going to get it framed. Because it is a small sketch, I can afford to get it professionally framed. I'm thinking a wooden frame, dark coloured, thin and grainy if possible.

There you have it, anyway. My thanks go to Mr. Jean-Baptiste Monge for not only selling me a wonderful little sketch, but for also making the experience of receiving the piece an absolute pleasure.
We must do this again some time!

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Unknown said...

Dear dear Jay !
I have just read your review about the parcel and I can tell that like you I do love receive parcels and surprises. Your words are true and I suppose that is why we do care about the details of the wrap as much as the inside ^^.
I didn't expect this emotional and sensitive feedback but thank you for that, the journey, the joy you have when you opened it! This means a lot to me and I know that my little buddy will be in very good hands forever !
A big Cheers to you Jay !
Jean-Baptiste Monge