Aug 31, 2013

100 Heads in 100 Days #96 - Those pesky Piskies

100 Heads in 100 Days #96
A Piskie
The main baddy of my book is a nasty old witch, complete with warts, a big nose and a pointy hat; who I will be introducing here in a couple of days. Like any serious baddy, she has minions. In my book, these minions are in the form of dozens, if not hundreds, of Piskies.
My Piskies are winged little critters that are full of mischief and shenanigans. They aren't particularly dangerous, it's more about the purpose they serve. They have large noses and even larger ears, so they are great for guarding something. They're like a living and breathing alarm system.
Piskies feature in various places throughout the book. They're a fun storytelling tool and an easy source of humour.

Me Fact #96
I have big plans for my Realms of Faerie. But I don't want it to turn into something that doesn't fit in with the feel of it. As an example: Bookmarks = Good. Lunchboxes = Bad! 
It seems to me that so many writers and creative people want the full works for their project, they won't be satisfied until there is a deal for an awful movie and an even worse computer game lined up. I don't want that. All I want is to be able to find an audience for the Realms of Faerie that allows me to produce books and closely related items for the rest of my life. Is that too much to ask? Probably, but that isn't going to stop me from trying for it.

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