Aug 30, 2013

100 Heads in 100 Days #95 - Brairbriar

Oooh, I can taste that finish line now, it tastes yummy!

100 Heads in 100 Days #95
The closest town to Willow's home holds a pub owned by a fellow who goes by the simple name, Brairbriar (pronounced to rhyme with rare-liar but with the b's in there too).
Brairbriar is an odd one, no mistaking. He's big and burly, with meaty hands and deep-set eyes. He also likes to make sculptures and invent things for the pub out of his favourite material: potatoes. He makes all sorts of things out of them, including the drinks he sells at his pub. He's quick to anger, but just as quick to laugh. Once you find yourself in his favour, there's nothing that is within his power to do that he won't do for you.

Me Fact #95
I have an I.Q. in the mid-130's. You'd think I'd be smart, then, but I'm always making stupid mistakes and all-too convincingly playing the fool. I'm really slow to catch on with things, so I'm gullible and often way behind in conversations. I'm yet to find a useful and practical application for that I.Q. score...

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