Aug 28, 2013

100 Heads in 100 Days #93 - The River Dragon

100 Heads in 100 Days #93
A River Dragon
Just before they cross paths with Mother Wolf and her cubs, Willow and Berry have to cross a stone bridge to continue on their journey. As they are crossing the bridge, a River Dragon swims downstream and under the bridge. Willow has never seen one before, and it sends him dashing into the cover of a hedge on the other side of the bridge, nearly into the path of Mother Wolf.
A River Dragon is an immensely large creature, and by large, I mean long. It is said that if you can see a River Dragon's head, you can't possibly see its tail. The average River Dragon is about a mile long, with the older specimens extending to almost double that.
But they are not to be feared. The are herbivores that survive on plants that grow by a river.

Me Fact #93
My reading habits seem to be changing immensely these days. In the past, it was all fantasy or nothing at all. I had/have a preference for the old school fantasy such as Tolkien and David Gemmell with a bit of Modern Fantasy in the vein of Charles de Lint or Robert Holdstock mixed in. But these days, I'm reading a lot of books on writing and even some Non-Fiction. Gasp! I know...
Mind you, even the above mention of Mr. Charles de Lint is enough to make me want to pull down 'Moonheart,' 'Spiritwalk' or 'The Little Country' and give them a read, it's been a while.

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