Aug 25, 2013

100 Heads in 100 Days #90 - Ageric

Only 10 days to go!

100 Heads in 100 Days #90
Ageric. His eyes are waaay to close together.
Ageric, named affectionately after the mighty Fly Agaric fungi, is only in the book, as it stands now, for a single scene; a very brief scene at that.
Ageric is a great warrior, and he knows it. He is a noble faerie, but he is also proud and terribly arrogant. He will happily risk life and limb to protect somebody or something in danger, and he will do it with honourable intent, but there is a part of him that knows there could be a reward at the other end of it. He doesn't necessarily require that reward to take the form of money. He will gladly accept a heart-felt hug and a kiss from a maiden (where one is readily available, of course) or the odd honourary feast in his name would suffice.

Ageric travels the Realms of Faerie, usually on horseback, seeking adventure and fame. He has a particular disliking for Goblins, and will travel far to vanquish them if the need arises.

When we meet Ageric in the book, he is on just such a Goblin hunting quest. I plan to continue his journey in his own book at a later date. One of the things I want to do with the book(s) is have characters that seem to be periphery at best, take the spotlight in subsequent stories. It's all about creating that rich, interwoven tapestry.

Me Fact #90
I like frogs. I had a bunch of them when I was a kid, I got the tadpoles off a neighbour. I set up this cool home for them where they could swim and jump and be happy. I can still remember watching them grow legs and lose their tales as they turned into adults. I found some frogs about 10 years ago down at the local bog, I grabbed a couple of them and gave them a good home. In both cases, I released them when they got to an unmanageable size. It's important to set wild things free, no matter how much you may want to keep them. They should be free and where they belong.


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