Aug 21, 2013

100 Heads in 100 Days #86 - The Secret Trader

There is a laneway, black and ominous, in the town of Starpeak, that few are brave enough to enter. Along the laneway, there is a tiny door, barely seen, with no handle on it and only a tiny hole for the person to look out into the lane from inside.
The store behind that door trades in a commodity nobody else, anywhere, deals in. It is doubtful whether anybody has ever even thought of dealing in it, let alone done it.
The owner, a Mr. Earwhisker, is quite proud of the fact that he alone has come up with the idea. He is also quite proud of how much coin it has brought him over the years.

You see, Mr. Earwhisker trades and deals in secrets. His patrons come to him with secrets. Some of them are little ones, some of them are considerably more juicy. The system he uses is quite simple: People give him their secrets, he establishes a value for that secret and asks for proof as to the veracity of it. He then loans the value of the secret to the patron with the threat that the coin must be paid, with interest, by a certain date. If the loan is not paid, the secret is revealed to the public.

Mr. Earwhisker is a very rich faerie indeed. Everybody has secrets. Everybody needs coin from time to time. Mr. Earwhisker is the one they go to.

100 Heads in 100 Days #86
The Secret Trader
This is the last of the little tales series, starting tomorrow and continuing to the completion of the challenge, I will be introducing readers to some of the characters from the book I am writing.

Me Fact #86
I'm developing a liking for mixing watercolours and gouache. The Secret Trader picture was done with a thin wash of an ochre in watercolour, then the white highlighting is with gouache. I like the way they blend and settle with each other. Once this 100 Heads is over, I might experiment with this mix a bit.

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